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Let their legacy live forever with an original pet portrait

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Hi! I'm Deanna

I am a fine artist based just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I specialize in pet portraits and animals of all kinds. Animals have a never-ending, unconditional love, and connecting with your pet is my true passion.

Animals are the way to my heart. Pictured is my fur baby, Salvie. She came into our home in early 2022 and filled our lives with even more love than we even knew possible. 

My absolute joy is bringing your fur baby to life on the canvas. Paintings of your pets can take anywhere from 30-60 hours, depending on the scope of the work. I love to include you in every step of the process! You'll receive a progress report after each session I spend with your baby. Pictures of course! Toward the end of the process, we'll decide on a background color together. Weighing what color you prefer but also which ones compliment your pet best.

I work off of detailed photos of your baby to create detailed paintings. We communicate throughout the process, and I immerse you in the experience of watching your pet come to life on the canvas.

I invite you to start this one-of-a-kind journey today and tell me more about your beautiful pet!

Lots of Love,

Wild Hare- Chris- Horner- @ckh_photographs

"I'm literally crying! This picture is stunning and couldn't be more perfect! Thank you for the kind note and thank you even more for spending time with my babies! I can't wait to get it on my wall. You are sooo talented! Much love!"

Kami Tuttle, an amazing woman, friend, and kitty mom to Akili and Ella above

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