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Hello! So happy you're here. I'm Deanna, owner, and founder of Deanna Ulbrich Gallery. I am a fine artist based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. No matter what I am doing, I'm leading with my heart. I've found that making decisions based on what my heart wants is the only way to live. Love is the way.


A little bit about my story and how I came to be on this insanely beautiful path in life: In 2021 a woman came into the restaurant I was waitressing at. Up to that point I had worked in restaurants and bars for 11 years. After my dad's picture was laying on her table, I asked where it came from. Neither of us knew. She ended up having a message from him...he had passed the year before. She was getting a message of a paintbrush. I told her not sure why..."I don't paint". I attempted to paint for the first time 2 weeks later. I had felt the pull to paint a squirrel that always visited my backyard every day. As I sat there looking at my finished painting of "Sammy" the squirrel, I knew at that moment this was my calling. My Dad may not be here physically, but he's played a huge part in my story even after his passing.


Since that day I've been on a journey to discover more about myself each and every day and spread love to every single soul I cross paths with. My passion is painting pet portraits for you to cherish for a lifetime. Our pets are our children and remembering them long after their gone is comforting. Their unconditional love and snuggles are my favorite. It is a true honor to bring them to life on a canvas for you. To pour their essence into a canvas that will forever hang on your wall. I am bursting with gratitude.


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out!

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